It's not enough to merely survive the Zombie uprising

Chapter 1, part 5

I did what I could for others along the way by side swiping the zeds chasing them. In the back of my mind I wished I could be out with George and my other friends on the hunt but he had something I didn’t. He had his family in a safe place. My focus, my mission, was to get my family out of this zombie infested valley of death. There would be plenty of time to search for survivors later. For now I had to provide a Zed free wake for my family to travel in.

It took us an hour to close in on the canyon but it was finally in sight. My ugly suburban was now coated in sludgy gray zombie gore. I heard every scream my kids made through the phone. I thought about telling them to keep it down but in this living horror movie it just wasn’t going to happen.

“Are you still back there?” I didn’t have time to be checking the rear view mirror all the time. I just had to know they were still close.

“I’m about fifty yards behind you.” My poor bride sounded terrified.

“Stop where you’re at unless you have Zombies trying to get in the van. Some gang bangers have the road blocked.”

“What are you going to do?” Her voice was shaky. The last hour had taken it’s toll and now I was having her keep back where she couldn’t see me. She wasn’t liking this at all.

“Better you don’t know”. I took a peek through the six power ACOG. These morons had pulled their cars sideways to block most of the road. It looked like they were armed with KelTec carbines and an SKS. They had some elderly man on his knees execution style, while they took everything he had out of his car. The old guy wasn’t going to survive this one. He must have gotten mouthy because he got a muzzle strike to the back of the head.

“What do you mean it’s better that I don’t know?”

“Shut it for a minute…sorry, concentrating and need you silent.” I was making a plan and didn’t need other questions. “One, two, three, four…”

“Four what?”

“Gang Bangers. They’re about to kill an old man. Not today.” I took the Bluetooth out of my ear and set it on the dash. Then got the scoped Longbow and a gray wool blanket from behind my seat to better deal with the situation. Looking through the ten power scope I could see that they had surplus Load Bearing Vests on with a couple extra mags. Underneath was only bare skin, Rambo style, so there would be nothing to stop what was coming their way. I always thought they should make it open season on gangs and today it was going to be just that.

I knew the BattleComp on the end of the rifle would keep me on target so I dropped into a prone position in the left lane the exit ramp. It left me a little more exposed but they wouldn’t see any dust clouds from the muzzle blast. I stayed slightly rear of the Suburban to deflect the sound of the rifle. Now they would probably think the rounds were coming from my vehicle and direct any return fire away from me. I brought the rifle to my shoulder and spread wool blanked over me so only the brim of my had and the rifle barrel was visible. I quickly surveyed the situation through the scope. Two with their backs to me taunting the old man verbally. One brandishing a rifle in the man’s face. That one made himself the clear leader as he yelled at the other two for getting a little too out of control. A fourth one was actually standing watch for other cars or dangers. I was still too far off and he took no notice of me or my vehicle. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. I had my fire plan in a split second. The first jackhole to die was the guard. I brought him into view. They were all about 600 yards away so this was an easy shot for this rifle.

My concentration was such that I didn’t even hear the rifle. I just felt the recoil of the 7.62mm round slam the stock into my shoulder. The guard doubled over like he was hit in the chest by a cinder block. The Hornady TAP rounds exploded out his back sending red spray all over the pavement. A quick adjustment and I was on the leader. I put a 168 grain Hornady round through his nasal cavity and the banger was down like he was never born. The rifle hit the ground and came to a rest right in front of the old man.

The other gangsters looked around, saw the suburban and started spraying bullets in that  direction. It looked like something out of a modern gangster movie the way they held the carbines almost over their heads, aiming at nothing and yelling in feigned intimidation.

“Worthless bastards”, I whispered to myself.

Amidst a few close bullet strikes I adjusted my point of aim to the next douche wad. Only his head and shoulders were visible above the cab of the old man’s car.


The round smacked him in the throat. His head flopped like a wet rag as he fell. Adjusting for the next shot I could see the last guy giving me a few parting shots as he turned to run so I fired again catching him in the lower back, smashing his spine. There must have been another gang banger in one of their vehicles because out of no where another, much bigger, dude grabbed the old man around the neck like he was taking him hostage. I waited for a good shot as the thug backed away dragging the old man. The rifle spoke with authority. The old man’s head recoiled to the side as it was covered in pink mist and chunks of thug brain. He picked up the thug’s SKS and fired a quick double tap into the one I shot in the back then lowered it in one hand like he knew what he was doing. I put the scoped rifle back in the case, grabbed my Guardian rifle, and hooked it on the single point sling on my kit. I drove closer to the barricade and stopped about 50 yards away. I got out and made my way over to the old man in low ready just in case there were more that I didn’t know about.

As I got within ear shot of him he yelled over to me, “Good sniping, son”. He had a World War two veteran’s hat on with a Master Sergeant chevron on the front.

“Yes sir, master sarge”.

“Come on, boy that was a few life times ago”.

“Old habits die hard, sir”.


“Let’s get these cars out of the way and get out of here.” There were no keys inside so I put each in neutral and started pushing them off the road and over the edge of the slope.

“Where you headed sir?”


“We’re headed to Colorado. Would you like to stay with us until we turn off?”


Crap, I realized I didn’t have the Bluetooth in and ran over to the suburban and put it in my ear. “Christy, you there?”

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